3. Asset Identification of As-Is Golf Course Features & Irrigation Components

Most existing golf courses have less than satisfactory irrigation construction documents. The Irrigation Designer will utilize layer attributes then compile the data into a universal digital format, including separation for sprinklers, controllers, pipe sizes, valves, dimensions, road crossings, pseudo property lines and the golf course features.

During this phase a Global Positioning Survey showing all sprinklers, automatic valves, isolation valves, controller locations and present golf features will be collected. The format will include a latitude, longitude, and altitude of each reference points with a minimum reading every second for all line and area readings. All point type readings will take readings for a minimum of 5 seconds and will use equipment capable of recording accuracy of + or – three decimeters.

To insure all of the components are mapped the golf course staff will "mark/flag" all of the components to be mapped in the field with marking paint or wire irrigation flags. The components include sprinklers, automatic valves, splices, isolation valves, drain valves, wire routing (local utility locating firm to identify) controllers, air relief valves and any other irrigation component that is identified by the golf course staff. As the drawings are compiled, the golf course personnel will be responsible to assist with the identification of the sprinkler zone/controller combinations, review and comment on all pipe routings if existing drawings are available.

3b. Golf Course Labor and GPS Rental and Training for Asset Identification of As-Is Golf Course Features & Irrigation Components

There are many time when the end user would prefer to provide all of the labor to build their own as-constructed field conditions. The Irrigation Designer will bring a user friendly GPS unit to the site and develop a data dictionary specific to the site's equipment and mapping needs. The cost is based on $1,500 for the first week and $1,000 for each following week. The field data will be processed in the Irrigation Design consultant's office and returned to the client in a paper format at a scale of 1"=100'.